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Parking Lots: a Magnet for Traffic Accidents

Many people think that parking lots are relatively safe places, because cars are moving at a slow rate of speed. The truth is, parking lots are loaded with hazards, for both drivers and pedestrians. First of all, many drivers tend to not look where they’re going while driving in a parking lot. They are often Read More

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Does NYC Have a Manhole Explosion Problem?

There are about 246,000 manhole covers throughout the streets of New York City’s five boroughs, and each one poses the threat of severe injury to residents and visitors. The danger with these 250-to-300-pound cast-iron discs is that they can be thrown high into the air by underground explosions. And this phenomena is not uncommon. In Read More

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Playing on the Playground: An Accident Waiting to Happen?

Playing on the Playground: An Accident Waiting to Happen? We all take our kids to playgrounds to give us a few minutes to relax, to let them get exercise, to let them play around and socialize. But playgrounds can be dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Playground injuries are the leading Read More

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Bus Crashes Seem Common in New York

Bus Crashes Seem Common in New York Bus crashes seem like they are happening at an alarmingly high rate in New York City. Due to a wide variety of buses out on the roads—school buses, tour buses, charter buses, and public buses—it’s not shocking that we are seeing more accidents. Just recently, a charter bus Read More

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Stadium Accidents: Take Care When You’re at a Sporting Event

Stadium Accidents: Take Care When You’re at a Sporting Event There are a lot of dangers you need to watch out for while you cheer on your team. Every day, thousands of fans attend sporting events in New York. There’s very little that compares to the atmosphere at a sports stadium. However, although stadiums and Read More

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How Dog Bite Laws Work in NYC

How Dog Bite Laws Work in NYC Movie director Martin Scorsese has been sued by an in-home nurse who alleges that his now-deceased dog bit her leg in 2015. The lawsuit states that the woman fell and hurt her back while attempting to flee the attack. The culprit? A white terrier named Desmond. The lawsuit Read More

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Can Undocumented Immigrants Win Injury Settlements?

Can Undocumented Immigrants Win Injury Settlements? When an undocumented immigrant sustains a serious injury in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, they might feel helpless. They might be terrified and confused by the court system, and worry that filing a personal injury claim might result in their arrest and deportation. These reasons are why Read More

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Are Bike Messengers Endangering NYC Pedestrians?

Are Bike Messengers Endangering NYC Pedestrians? They might be delivering a food order as they whip past you, too close for comfort. It happens so fast that you only feel the sweep of air as you watch the already-distant figure pedaling away, leaving you in the dust. They’re making their living on New York City Read More

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When a Segway Tour Goes Wrong

When a Segway Tour Goes Wrong Did you know Segway tours are all the rage now? If you’re not of the Millennial generation and are currently wondering what a Segway is, a Segway is an upright two-wheeled motorized scooter that was invented by Dean Kamen. Segways were initially introduced to the market in 2001. The Read More

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Pedestrians Come Out for NY Summer

Pedestrians Come Out for NY Summer  New York City pedestrians, rejoice: the 2017 number of traffic fatalities was the lowest on record since 1910! This statistic is something to be happy about, since across the board in other states pedestrian deaths continue to rise. So what is New York doing differently that’s working?  Well, in Read More

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    Pedestrian Struck by Forklift (Kings County)

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