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Miguel Fernandez was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of five. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Miguel received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Florida State University and his Master’s degree in Law and Policy from Nova Southeastern University. He also obtained his Paralegal Studies Certificate from the University of Miami.

For his entire life, Miguel has had a profoundly rooted interest in political science.  He chose to pursue a career in the legal field since he felt it was the natural path to take after obtaining his degree in Political Science.  He continued onto graduate school to better understand the intricacies of laws and policies, and its effect on our everyday lives. After many years of experience working in the hospitality field, Miguel naturally gravitated toward personal injury and medical malpractice since he enjoys assisting individuals and making them feel like family. Before joining our team, he worked in the personal injury / medical malpractice field for over four years.

Miguel joined The Case Handler team in July 2017. As a personal injury paralegal, Miguel’s primary focus is taking care of our clients by helping them get through their traumatic experience.  He works in close collaboration with clients; making sure that they are seeking the best treatment possible for their injuries, which will ultimately help Miguel build his clients’ cases efficiently from behind the scenes. From helping clients recover lost wages due to their accident to handling their property damage, Miguel is there for our clients from start to finish.

“After going through an accident, it is okay to feel lost and in the dark,” Miguel explains. “That’s why The Case Handler team is here; to help you see the light.”