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Bronx River Parkway 3 Car Crash Attorney: James and Siara

“Adam and his team were very determined to get what we deserved after being in a car accident. The other party’s insurance tried to drag things out to make us settle with little to nothing. That wasn’t going to happen with this team! We worked closely with attorney Matthew Goodstein and he would always say, ‘We’re in this together until the end!’ I could call him and ask for something outside of my case and he would assist me. If we had any issues with appointments, just one call to Matthew, and he’d sort it out promptly. Could you even ask for anything better from a law firm? Their staff is very professional, courteous, and hard-working. We’re glad to be part of the PPID family and we recommend them to anyone in need! Thanks again guys!”

- James & Siara from Westchester County, NY



What Happened?

On April 15, 2018, James and Siara were driving on Bronx River Parkway when they began to slow down to traffic ahead. The driver of the vehicle behind them did not stop in time when traffic began to stop in front of him and he rear-ended James and Siara’s car! The force of the impact pushed James’ vehicle to collide with the vehicle in front of them and the back window to blow out. They were taken by ambulance to a nearby emergency room where they were examined, treated, and discharged home with a prescription for pain medication.

James injured his neck, left shoulder, and lower back. He had difficulty twisting and turning his neck with pain that traveled from the neck to the left shoulder and down his arm. He also experienced left shoulder pain with overhead reaching and when he slept on his shoulder. His lower back pain was exacerbated by standing for prolonged periods of time and bending down. James attended physical therapy and was later required to undergo pain management injections. Siara injured her neck, lower back, and right ankle. When the airbags deployed, she hit her face, sustained a whiplash to her neck, and lost consciousness. Similar to James, Siara also complained of neck pain with twisting and turning and increased back pain with bending forward, sitting, standing, or walking for prolonged periods of time. She received conservative treatment and was later required to undergo pain management injections and two surgeries on her right ankle.

As a past client of The Case Handler team, James called us the very next day after the accident. Although the Defendant’s insurance company was refusing to fairly compensate James and Siara, in addition to the court's later closing due to COVID-19, our team refused to settle and came out victorious in the end! With the help of our determined Bronx freeway accident lawyer, James and Siara had all of their medical bills paid and they collectively recovered a total settlement of $152,500.00 from the Defendant’s insurance company!



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So, if you've found yourself in a sticky situation like James and Siara, remember, rear-end accidents can lead to a complex web of issues. But fear not! The Case Handler team has your back. Even when those insurance companies play hardball, we play harder. Just like we did for James and Siara, we're here to fight for what you deserve. So, don't hesitate to reach out if you're caught in a rear-end mess. Your future is worth fighting for, and The Case Handler team is here to help you every step of the way.

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