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Manhattan Car Accident Lawyers: Maxwell

What Happened?

On July 13th, 2021, at approximately 5 a.m., Maxwell was driving with a passenger when he began to feel the steering wheel vibrate and shake. As the vehicle was breaking down, he lost control of his vehicle which began to drift to the left side of the road. He brought it to a complete stop on the left side of the Harlem River Drive (southbound) near 159th Street in New York, New York, turned on his hazard lights, and both occupants exited the vehicle.

Maxwell was standing in front of his vehicle to see if he could figure out what the mechanical issues were. His passenger was standing behind the vehicle, using a flashlight to direct traffic away from the disabled car. The car was completely stopped at the side of the road for approximately 8 minutes when another vehicle crashed into the rear of Maxwell’s car, which was pushed forward into Maxwell! He was pushed into the air and into the guardrail, leaving his body in a position that was hanging about 30 feet above the northbound traffic of Harlem River Drive. Maxwell was removed from the accident scene and taken to Harlem Hospital by ambulance.

As a result of the accident, Maxwell spent several days in the hospital. He suffered multiple injuries to his legs such as a tibial plateau fracture (the larger lower leg bone below the knee) and a Schatzker II tibial plateau fracture (right knee). He was required to undergo surgery on his right leg on July 26, 2021, and has been attending physical therapy 2-3 times a week. Maxwell was confined to his bed for approximately 2 months and has been totally incapacitated from employment to date.

For a long time, Maxwell listened to Adam Handler’s show on 93.5 FM radio. While he never imagined he would need The Case Handler team, thankfully he had our phone number saved just in case.  The Defendant’s insurance company offered Maxwell $350,000. It was a large offer, but was this the best they could do for him? Absolutely not. While Maxwell focused on recovering from this traumatic ordeal, we diligently handled the entire legal process on his behalf. That initial $350k offer increased to $400k, $750k, and then $850k. Now, these are high numbers that are hard to refuse but the Defendant was not giving Maxwell what he deserved. So we filed a lawsuit and the Defendant finally made the offer we wanted since they did not want to go to trial against The Case Handler lawyers. With the help of our talented Manhattan car accident lawyers at Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP, Maxwell’s medical bills were completely taken care of and he recovered a $1.2 million dollar settlement in just a little over a year since the accident!

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