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Queens Personal Injury Lawyer Review: R.A.C.L

Queens Personal Injury Lawyer Review R.A.C.L

“Adam was straightforward. The Case Handler team worked hard for me to get the amount I wanted and deserved. This is the guy to go to with your case 100%.”

-R.A.C.L from Hackensack, NJ

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What Happened?

On May 26th, 2018 our client R.A.C.L was watching the Liverpool and Real Madrid soccer game at a bar in Astoria, NY. He was wearing a Barcelona shirt and Barcelona is a rival to Real Madrid’s team. It started with him being taunted and yelled at by Real Madrid fans. After watching the game for about 10 minutes, he was unexpectedly grabbed from behind by a bouncer. With pure malicious intent, the bouncer threw him to the ground and he landed face first. The bouncer proceeded to punch and kick R.A.C.L while he was on the ground.

There is no clear reason for the bouncer’s actions, as R.A.C.L didn’t do anything to provoke anyone or fight back to potentially make matters worse. He was left bloody and beaten. Luckily for R.A.C.L, someone recorded the alleged assault on their phone. Two days later, he went to Hackensack Medical center. He was diagnosed with a fractured nose. He reported hearing ringing in his ears, and having on and off headaches. He also had a hematoma that was affecting his ability to breathe through his nose.

Thankfully, R.A.C.L heard about Adam through his friend Jeff. He was lucky to not have more serious injuries involving head trauma or other fractured bones. He was able to run away eventually, avoiding a further beating. The initial offer from the insurance company was way too low. The Case Handler team fought tooth and nail to obtain significantly more than what was first offered! Justice prevailed and coincidentally, the bar he was assaulted in is now closed.


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Unexpected assaults are extremely difficult to avoid and can result in serious injuries. You only get one chance at obtaining a settlement or verdict in such cases. That is why it is essential to pick the right lawyer for your case. The Case Handler team consists of reputable lawyers that have worked assault cases throughout New York and New Jersey. After all R.A.C.L emphasized, “The Case Handler team worked hard for me to get the amount I wanted and deserved.” Pick a lawyer that will do their best to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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