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Yonkers Rear-End Accident Attorneys Review: Cecilia

Yonkers Rear End Accident Attorneys Review Cecilia

“Adam and Matt are very good, and they make a great team. Their operation is legitimate, and their communication is impeccable. They were receptive, informative, and hands-on throughout the entire case. If you want excellent attorneys who will give it to you straight, go with The Case Handler team.”

-Cecilia from Yonkers, New York

$100,000.00 Settlement (Maximum Policy Limits)

What Happened?

On June 27, 2017, Cecilia was driving along Harney Road in Yonkers, New York, when she noticed traffic stopping about 200 feet ahead of her. As she gradually slowed herself to a stop, Cecilia’s Jeep was abruptly rear-ended by the vehicle behind her. Cecilia recalls the shock she felt when the collision sent a violent and powerful force that overwhelmed her body. The airbags in Cecilia’s Jeep did not deploy and her body suffered the brunt of the impact. Not only did she suffer severe whiplash, but her shoulder and back sustained serious damage as well. Following the accident, Cecilia was taken by ambulance to Lawrence Hospital.

The accident left Cecilia with pain searing throughout her body. The damage became so severe, that she was unable to perform even the most menial of physical tasks. She experienced tingling, numbness and burning sensations throughout her upper and lower extremities, as well as a severe restriction to the range of motion in her neck. Upon further examination, Cecilia was diagnosed with disc bulges, herniations and labral tears. Not only did she need steroid injections for her neck and back, but she also underwent arthroscopic surgery for her shoulder. To top it off, Cecilia was confined to a neck brace and CPM machine while she healed. Once she got better, she had 8 additional weeks of massage therapy and physical therapy.

Luckily for Cecilia, she had heard about The Case Handler team several times on Irie Jam Radio. Upon sustaining these significant injuries from her rear-end accident, Cecilia knew exactly who to call. Following her initial meeting with Adam Handler and Matthew Goodstein, Cecilia was unsure as to whether her legal team would keep her informed throughout her case. However, it did not take long for her to realize just how involved and hands-on her attorneys are with their clients. Throughout the entire process, The Case Handler team provided updates and would check in on Cecilia to see how she was doing. With the help of our personal injury team at PPID, Cecilia successfully recovered the maximum policy limits of $100,000.00!

The Result: $100,000.00 Settlement (Maximum Policy Limits)


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The truth is, rear-end accidents are out of your control. You can get rear-ended anytime, anywhere. If you or a loved one gets involved in a rear-end accident or other type of car accident, speak to our proactive Yonkers rear-end accident attorneys. Gain control of your accident with the help of The Case Handler team at Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP. Call The Case Handler team to get the representation you deserve from a reputable lawyer you can trust.

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 “I didn’t have a problem at all. From the day I called to settlement day.  Thank you for all your help and I will always recommend The Case Handler team to everyone.” -Cecilia


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