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It is no secret that motorcycles can be very dangerous for their operators no matter how hard you try to drive one safely. In fact, there were more than 4,000 motorcycle crashes reported to police in New York in 2014 alone. Injuries are usually the result of direct impact between the driver and the other vehicle or pavement because it is not an enclosed vehicle equipped with safety measures in case of an accident. Due in part to their small and quick nature, motorcycles are also often less visible on roadways, especially during poor weather. They are generally less stable than a regular automobile, too. However, regardless of the myriad of reasons that motorcycles can be dangerous, motorcyclists have the right to travel the streets safely and without being injured by other traffic, though the laws governing motorcycles and other vehicles are different.

How are motorcycles treated differently in New York?

The most important distinction in New York is that motorcycles are not considered motor vehicles under the New York No-Fault Law. This means that motorcyclists injured in an accident, unlike operators of cars, are not eligible for lost wages or medical bill reimbursement from their insurance companies under this law. Therefore, a motorcycle driver injured in an accident must pay for those injuries with privately owned medical insurance or on a lien from the medical provider.

There is, however, a positive aspect to this distinction. Persons operating a motorcycle are not subject to the New York Serious Injury Threshold that applies to operators of motor vehicles. This means that motorcyclists can recover for any injury as well as received compensation for their medical bills and loss of wages from the other person’s insurance company.

Why is the choice of an attorney for a motorcycle case a crucial decision?

An attorney representing a motorcycle driver that has been injured must first be aware that New York laws seem to be stacked against motorcyclists. The attorney must also be aware that collecting for motorcycle-related injuries requires the attorney to overcome the public perception that motorcyclists are dangerous drivers and likely to operate motorcycles in an unsafe manner. As we said at the beginning of this post, most people are very aware of how dangerous motorcycles can be. As such, many members of the public that may not have experience with motorcycles automatically believe that motorcyclists are careless. This misperception can make handling a motorcycle injury case much more difficult for attorneys that have not had experience in this area.

The Case Handler is prepared to overcome the roadblocks that exist in New York that may otherwise prevent a motorcyclist from collecting for medical bills and other damages. We are prepared to ensure that our motorcyclist clients are fully restored to their financial state prior to their injury. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your case and find out exactly how we can help you. Do not be intimidated by laws that are set up to make it difficult for motorcyclists to collect in case of injury, and make sure to choose an attorney that is committed to ensuring your rights are fully protected by the judicial process. We have gained over 40 million dollars for our clients, and we will work just as hard to collect for you.


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